Dreams coming true

Then it was my turn. To jump on the blogging wheel. The thing to do these days apparently. I’ve always loved writing and kept a diary for as long as I can remember. Although I won’t share my most inner and private thoughts here, I could definitely do with a cyber place to discuss and share what is on my mind, with like-minded and not like-minded. Anyone really. I did in fact create a Myspace account recently, after seeing so many friends doing it, even wall papered it haha, but then I found the whole thing a bit confusing. Like “I’m not a musician, and if I want to exhibit my writing and connect to people I should perhaps do it in a blog site rather than on Myspace. We will see. What I loved there though was the whole listing of favorites thing. Because I LOOOOVE lists to organise things in this crazy head of mine.

To present myself we start with a pic taken this year at the Sonar festival in Barcelona. I may not look too happy, but on the inside I am because I’m at a festival. And whenever I am at a festival I am at my happiest. Really. And I know Ill write a lot about festivals and music experiences in this blog if it ever gets going, so better just start with it already. mesonar2006

The reason it says Oslo in my forehead is because I’m standing inside of a light installation thing they had on a wall showcasing  random city maps. Cool thing at Sonar is that part from all the acts, it is a platform for music and techno geeks, thus are there lots of visual and digital art work around music performances. I’d say the festival is quite unique in this sense, rapped up as a technology and EDM industry event – with a great line-up of course. I’ve only been twice so who am I to speak, but it always seems everybody is there with the same genuine interest in the industry and new electronic music. Part from that, like in any other festival you’re at Sonar to connect with people, see live acts and hear new music (both during day and night) and if you’ve got the time add some days on to spend more time in Barcelona.

Now, it is true I need to do my homework a little better with regard to all the names of the artists, but as my music nerd friends say it’s actually even better that I’m professional at having fun to the music, rather than nerding and chatting to everybody about “what is better and worse this year as opposed to last year” etc.  So I’m fine being the clown actually. And well, Sonar is really one of the best festivals I know of, in one of the coolest and most beautiful cities on earth.

In fact I spent 6 months in Barcelona 2 years ago. I was working as a volunteer through this EU program called European Volunteer Service (the job I did is another story). For me to go and live in Barcelona was actually a dream coming through, partly cause I loved the city when I was there for the first time in 2003, but mainly due to the language skills I thought I could get by spending some time there.

Talking about dreams, I am full of them, and for now I think this blog will be about presenting them. Not only in the sense of what my dreams are all the time, but about how I’ve pursued them, and how I plan to continue that way, as well as mentioning new ones appearing on the way. A kinda Stop dreaming your life, live your dream – blog. Maybe that can be of inspiration, or maybe it’ll turn out freaking boring. We will see.



Either way I found out that this year is a perfect start because I just turned 25 years old. And that is the age I set for myself by which I wanted to fulfill 13 dreams I listed at the age of 17. This way we get onto that listing topic again too. I wrote it in my first language Norwegian, but Ive translated it. The ones with a V next to them represent achieved dreams.
My “13 dreams to fulfill by the age of 25” written down at the age of 17

1. Loose my virginity V

2. Get a proper boyfriend V

3. Live together with many friends in a big flat somewhere in Oslo (called ‘kollektiv’ in Norwegian) V

4. Travel somewhere foreign all on my own V

5. Backpack for months through at least two continents

6. Learn Spanish V (Still working on it, but the basis is there and I’m soon of to live in Argentina learning more. Can’t wait!)

7. Live in a warmer foreign city/ country V (Havana, Barcelona)

8. Get the driver’s license

9. Do/ be something good for somebody that needs it (working as a volunteer abroad) V

10. Work as a journalist for a newspaper or girls’ magazine V (partly, – I worked for a while in a student radio)

11. Find out what I really want to be/ work with V (partly)

12. Get to know my dad better, potentially look for his family in Denmark

13. Get a cool scooter


the End

I can’t remember why I made it 13 points long… probably cause 13 is my lucky number. Maybe I didn’t have more dreams. Figuring that partly achieved dreams counts as 50%, what we see here is an achievement rate of approximately 55% .

It’s not like Ive walked through life since the age of 17 with these dreams on my mind constantly, however, it is true that some of them have been clear aims, hence Ive done a lot to pursuit them. For instance I dreamed of learning Spanish since the age of 12 or so, and also of living in several cities. Ill continue following that dream as I just got in to a university in Buenos Aires Argentina, which is part of another dream I developed at a later stage regarding studying abroad. In order to learn more of the Spanish language, but also about cultures far away from ‘my own’.

Ill go more in each dreams’ depth next time

Buenas noches 😉



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