Dreaming what? (and why, how, when)

Like I wrote three days ago this blog will initially focus on my dreams, how I’m trying to pursuit them – adding new dreams along the way. Of the 13 dreams I wanted to achieve between the age of 17 and 25, I ticked 7. Along the way I guess Ive changed or forgotten some, as well as added others and well.. just hanged around.

London med Jea

Anyway. It’s quite funny to see how I had this clear vision to “live abroad” already at 17. I really just saw myself traveling, discovering the world and learning languages. Which is the strongest dream I still have..  I don’t know where that desire comes from. When asking my mum she says I just always “had that”. Looking back today at the years that have past, I see how some commitments held me back in Norway. First I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study after college, and preferred to earn some money. At the time I saw myself being a journalist in the future, and I wanted to work with people. Randomly I got a job at school as a substitute teacher which I loved, as Ive always liked kids and youth. Till I was 22 I was busy with a boyfriend, some studies, volunteer work in Radio Nova (a university radio), another boyfriend  – and woops – dreams changed or got put on pause.You know, til one day I thought:


So, at 22 I finally managed starting studying Spanish. My purpose was always to learn by doing, thus I wanted to be in a place where Spanish is the main language. I went to Cuba with a family friend and staid for 9 weeks. I took a 2 weeks long intensive Spanish course. I was very motivated and got the grammar in + some basics, and practiced the shit out of me with any person I met. At the same time I got an email saying I was accepted to a volunteer program through EU in Barcelona. So, just four months after coming back from Cuba, I headed to Spain to work and meet other volunteers from other European countries. We learned some Spanish in that time yes, but not as much as I wished to. Anyway, I had the time of my life due to the great people I lived with and the city itself. The job I was doing was a bit useless, but all in all – a cool experience.

I’m now 25 and soon on my way to live in Buenos Aires for 6 months to study. It’s an exchange study thing through my University in Oslo (ah, by the way: I’m doing a Bachelor degree in Human Geography (institute of Sociology) and really love it. I think Ive found out Social Science is my thing. So yeah.. I don’t know where it will head in the end, but who does?


I just feel like I have to go.

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