Giraffe encounter in Buenos Aires

Hello hello,

Soon three weeks have passed since I came to Buenos Aires. What first surprised me was how freezing cold winter can be here, I guess it surprised me in general that they even have winter! AND on the day I arrived: July 8th – it was snowing!! Which undoubtedly surprised half of the country. Kids tried to make snow balls out door and everybody talked about how it last snowed 90 years ago!

Excuse me for not getting too excited, I must be too Nordic.

A lot of weird and fun events have happened since I came here, from language frustration to hilarious misunderstandings, moving from one hostal to another, from meeting interesting people on the language school to getting wasted with them all. Among my new friends are one very tall girl from France called Annabelle, a girl from New Orleans called Rachel that used to think she was tall until she met us, and a short half Mexican girl from Philadelphia.

None of them are here for the same reasons as I (part from wanting to learn Spanish), but I kinda think that is perfect at the moment as I this way extend my new group of friends outside of Uni. Here they are anyway; from left Annabelle, Louise and Rachel.



I love that we are TWO giraffes now.

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