ZEITGEIST the movie



It’s getting late here in Buenos Aires. In this wonderful and to me, exciting new city, where I’m wandering around smiling, feeling 100 percent present and happy due to how privileged I am to have the possibility to be abroad as a student, getting to live an experience like this.

Thankful all the time, thankful for just being able to be thankful, meeting new interesting people, trying not to complain to much over the dominant macho behavior I meet in the streets every day. Thinking of all the beautiful people I meet’s separate worlds.

Timely I’m looking at photos of my friends back home, and loving them, missing my mum.. Anyway, wandering and wondering about lives’ f..g mysteries in general. Having a beloved telling me about a very important documentary movie; Zeitgeist.

Alone in my room, wrapped in my bed covers I saw Zeitgeist this night. And yeah. It all makes sense. Some might call them conspiracy theories. But I don’t, I rather think why should they be? Who should have anything to hide? Its quite logical.

I’m very emotional when it comes to movies like WE, Loose Chains, The road to Guantanamo, Darwins Nightmare, Bowling for Columbine, The Corporation, Fahrenheit 911, Life&Dept, etc etc), hitting my face again and again with ugly facts.

No, I don’t think these movies’ “mentioned facts” have changed my life or way of seeing the world, perhaps because I’ve done my home work over some time now. I spend time reading, traveling, questioning whatever we are told by the mass media. And timely I do feel we are screwed. I really do. But then, in order to keep on being a positive person and find beauty in the smallest things, I also admire the small people and seek the small stories to again and again get reminded how amazing the human race is..

How amazing it is what we’ve become.

What frustrates me the most however, when or after seeing a movie like the above, is thinking of the fact that the majority of every country’s population doesn’t believe in such a message approached in it. Therefore, I want to talk about them now and then her on my blog, hopefully inspiring more people to see more alternative movies. 

As for Zeitgeist though, I’m glad to see it’s developing into a movement.  More and more people talk about it.

Watch it in a very good quality online on their homepage Zeitgeistmovie.com

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