Watch these movies!

I’ve said it before, and I say it again.

Though I am very happy and love life here and go out and drink, dance etc, far away from anything “serious”… I feel like this is where I can share and spread content that seems crucial to spread, via social media channels. Sometimes I realise that I’m hardly ever talking never about these things with people. Or I mean, people seldom talk about them to me.. It makes me wonder whether people see these things? Or are interested?

Don’t they like talking about things that is happening in the world, I mean.. the more gloomy stuff.. And if people don’t, is that cause it just feel hopeless? Out of their control? Supposedly.

Then again, no wonder that all this shit keeps going on!
HOW did we become like this?
WHEN did we start justifying all this?

It seems like whole populations of TV watchers build their knowledge around what their television tells them, and they buy all the shit about all the dangers surrounding us, how they can harm us, the future, our kids, our garden and the color of our clothes even.

Not to mention “serious things” like the big big enemies out there.. But what exactly do people know about the “enemies” and how things ARE linked together? Couldn’t it be that it all is firmly placed upon your huge fear stock, without you even noticing you had it,  all just produced and put out by the media (lead by the same government that want’s to fool you..)

If you’re still reading, chances are high you’d like this movie. I’m still hooked on it. It’s called Zeitgeist, and you can find it here.

WHAT A MESSAGE it holds!
Please watch it if you haven’t to hopefully get some new perspectives, (or add on to the once you already have).

Then, there is another movie too that I love lately. And one of my favorite quotes comes from it: based on Arundhati Roy’s beautiful words about how things are linked together; Start reading or we’re all screwed.

This is exactly the quote underlined in Zeitgeist as well.
The conclusions roo, more or less.
Meaning, how I see it – things aren’t actually that complicated, we all have an extreme power to engage and create change in this world.
It’s just that we have to stop watching stupid news programs and rather give movies and authors featured in them more attention..


P.S YES, I will start blogging about more cheerful stuff SOON!

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