Top 10 people I’d love to speak to if alive

I’m back with my lists again.

Today it’s about important people that I’d love to speak to before they died. Or, I would be way too young to keep an interesting conversation with some of them, so let’s picture them alive today, even older and wiser with plenty of more stories to tell.

The list is as follows (don’t mind the rating as it doesn’t matter):

1. Bill Hicks

2. Freddie Mercury

3. Camilla Collet

4. Simone de Beauvoir

5. Darwin

6. Freud

7. George Orwell

8. Hitler (with wife)

9. Munch (above all the women in his life)

10. Che Guevara

It sucks there are only two women on the list, but in fact I’d rather speak to the strong women that stood behind all this men supporting – as they obviously did hell of a job but hardly got any credit. That’s just the way the world is.


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