Top 10 list of people I’d love to meet

The dream goes as follows: I meet the important/ famous person in natural circumstances where she/he feels ‘at home’ and we instantly feel equal and the person understands I’m not after ‘judging them’ in any way. The person will understand I’m a good and bright person, and will both have to answer to a lot of new and quite funny questions they’ve hardly ever got before – and like it. At best a lot of the questions will make them think, perhaps reflect over new ways of seeing certain topics (depending on the person’s role obviously).

All of them would know that I’m not a stupid tabloid press reader, I’d never believe any of the shit people have told about them, I’m not acting like a journalist, but a friend. I come across as a person they easily open up to and at best we make friends at once and chug down on two bottles of red wine and go out dancing after having talked for hours about life’s mysteries.

The point of the meeting is to talk about whatever topic that concerns us in this world, and to exchange reflections and opinions. Some of the persons would have to end up discussing certain political affairs with me, but the actual ones would want that at this point. There would be no possibility to lie what so ever.

These are the important people I dream of meeting and talking to:

1. Arundhati Roy

2. Michael Jackson

3. Noam Chumsky

4. Wenche Foss

5. Dalai Lama

6. Eckhart Tolle

7. Operah Winfrey

8. Osama Bin Laden

9. George Bush

10. Hillary Clinton

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