Mumbai in my heart

When you walk through the streets of Mumbai at night as a woman on your own, you feel safer than in many other places, I can promise you. Maybe due to the streets being so crowded, the people believing in Karma, or a general higher respect for women. Or visitors? I’m not sure.

However, I’ve felt so good these past days in Mumbai and met so many nice people.

Also, some of the streets and businesses here are stunning; notoriously overcrowded and full of creative solutions that in many cases seem crazy to a North European.

Yesterday, while strolling the streets around my hotel, I found a narrow street where one can peak into many small businesses made up by holes in the wall. There are laundries, bakeries, car- and printing workshops and spice mills.



The men working inside of them are very friendly and seemed to like chatting with a weird and curious foreigner like me, answering all kinds of questions. They told me their night shifts are as long as clothes are dirty, or bikes being broken. They claimed that no such thing as working hours exist here. That Mumbai actually doesn’t sleep: “We’re a bit like New York, ma´am”.

Well, I don´t know about that. But they definitely do their bit in making Mumbai into the vibrant city it is.

(Please note that the men in the photos were happy to have their pictures taken).

You might also want to read my later entry about Mumbai’s endless creativity.


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