R.I.P Michael Jackson

One of the things I feared would happen too early just happened too early. Michael Jackson died 50 years old, two days ago, on June 25th. I don’t think I’m the only one that forever will remember where I was when I got the tragic news. Or the only one that got sad.

I was a huge Michael – fan as a kid and though I didn’t follow up my child-like worshiping of him the 10 last years of his life, I definitely always kept an eye on any news from that side, and looked forward to hear his new music and of course hoped to see him act live once more before I/ he died. I never quite understood the tragic accusations about him when they started in 1993, as I was on top of my state of admiration of him at the time. Nevertheless, with time and age I engaged in the way the media wrote about it, and was often shocked over the way ‘the world’ treated Michael Jackson. I remember even getting disgusted about how people I met could talk about him. Thus, friends and people I’ve met on my way have had to hear some ‘justice speeches’ when the topic has been brought up.


But this post is not about that. I just want to let it be clear that only accusers and MJ himself can know the truth, and that in any case where a trial decides an accused person is innocent, he actually deserves to be believed as such. In the story of MJ I think there has been an indescribably ugly witch-hunt unlike any other, and I strongly believe that has to do with the mystery surrounding MJ and his choice of lifestyle that made media go completely nuts. Somehow I’ve thought for long that MJ’s history, extraordinary talent, unique entertainer skills and ‘weird style’ together with his everlasting strong messages about making the world a better place, stands in danger to annoy many people. Why? Because people are sick. And in my view, it’s not MJ that is. I don’t know, I just love him. And I will believe in him and keep telling people I do forever.

If you want to know MJ a little better, this is one of the best interviews with him, from 1993. He talks about his childhood, the tabloid press, the search of happiness through giving back, he sings, dances, gets embarrassed and giggles.

And now he is dead. Like I said, I feared this would happen. I actually often thought he was one of those persons that would die early, due to the awful life he must have had the last 15 years (despite of better periods re producing music, allowing his creativity flow), but it was still a huge shock to suddenly hear he isn’t here anymore.

What saddens me the most is that I just can’t stop thinking about how he can have been. I’ve read all interviews, seen all videos and laughed, cried and talked to people. Now I write. According to his own stories (and the above video interview), justified by his own family, it’s clear that MJ (and siblings) didn’t have a very happy childhood. They were child molested in horrible ways by their father. As MJ grew up and became the miracle of a talented artist he is – and the world never has seen similar to – his life story together with the speculations in why he is like he is today intensified. Therefore I support what so many other fans say: the tabloid press partly killed him.


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