SONAR 2009

After three years away from Barcelona it was amazing to be back during the SONAR festival this year. The perfect crew I went with made it even more amazing. Like I told about in May, we managed to plan it well since April and gathered friends from all corners together. My Norwegian friends Lars, Mathias, Gaute and Jorgen are a mix of childhood and college friends.


And Mark (UK), Jared (AU, both closest to the camera in the above pic) and lovely Annabelle (France, not in picture) are friends I got when living in Buenos Aires last year. We rented a cool flat for 8 people in the center and walked over to daytime – Sonar every day.


Since arrival we pretty much hanged together 24/7 despite of being a big group (I mean, it’s often challenging to get all together at a festival). Typically we lost half of Day II at Sonar by Day, which actually is my favorite part of Sonar because the Sonar by Night parties got long and hangovers were heavy. Typically we also lost each other at night Sonar, haha!

Here going strong though:


Being back after three years made me realise that Sonar has changed a wee bit.. I may be wrong, and it doesn’t really matter, society and traveling and festivals change all the time – over time. As happens to other good festivals, Sonar has become quite known internationally, thus is pretty crowded with tourists now. Especially Brits and global club hipsters seem to love it. Never before have I seen that many fashion photographers in a small festival location, pretty fascinating.. Still, Sonar is awesome, and it’s the music that counts!

Lineup was great, although like always I see myself missing out on half of the things I’m there to see. Must be something in the water! Anyway, we saw Tiga, Gilles Peterson, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Diplo, Crookers, Goldfrapp, Miss Kitten, Nightmares on Wax, Birdy Nam Nam + + + Lost out on a couple of guys that hurt too much to mention. NEXT YEAR!

Almost everybody in the crew left Barcelona Sunday, but Lars, Jared and I staid for another 3 days. I like planning Sonar like that as it’s nice to “land a little” after 3 solid party days, and perfectly it suited my two brothers as well. Got reminded how BCN is great to just chill in with its never-ending sun, beach parties, good vibes and food. As the Sonar week has become very popular many promoters have started their own side events, typically called “OFF- Sonar”, and like we concluded walking home arm in arm after one of them; they may definitely be equally good. Cheaper, less commercial and full of music-lovers.

Part from that we went to the beach, ate tapas every second hour, did the official daytime waste with pink Cava at La Champañeria (a rather unknown place, but one of the BEST recommendations I got when living in BCN in 2004- I wrote about it here).


Going back to Norway a week later was OK as the weather was on our side. 🙂

And, HOLD THE PRESS: I even met a cutie and will soon go to Valencia to have some fun!!

HAHAHAHA true story! Livin la vida loca!

Pics from our SONAR 2009

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