Pleased to meet you, Valencia

When a special person I met during the Sonar festival invited me to Valencia shortly after I replied W H Y  N O T ? I’ve got a long holiday now after finishing my Bachelor degree, before I start working as a teacher in August. Also, Valencia is a city I’ve wanted to get to know for a long time, besides some safe Mediterranean summer weather never hurt any Norwegian lassie.

Although I thought it’s a bit scary to go away to see a ‘random guy from a festival’ like this, I also find it extremely exciting and good for self-developing. I thought that if he turns out to be completely mad – or worse: boring – I’d just travel on my own in the region and take it as a fun lesson.

He didn’t turn out to be mad or boring. Yet. In fact, he is awesome. All together interesting, interested, handsome, low key and funny, as if sent from above. Hah!

Now over to some pics from my trip so far.

Valencia sure is a city to love! It has that little Barcelona touch to it, and although there is no Gaudi architecture here the city is full of buildings by Calatrava, another Spanish unique architect.

Check this out:

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photo credential:

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Photo credentials:

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Pretty wicked shit right?

And here I am in front of it:


The whole area with three of his buildings is called the Science city by the way.

On the first night I was here my new friend took me to a really cool place downtown. I must say that I love it when Latin cultural (South European) men put that conqueror- attitude on, which at its best entails taking a woman to a live Flamenco concert in order to put her in the right (romantic) mood. 🙂

Cafe del Duende was a tiny place where we all had to squeeze together on small wooden chairs on the floor. We were lucky to get a place just in front of stage where we saw see the 1,5 hour long heart-breaking show up close.

Needless to say, I was in heaven from the very first minute.


Part from going out late at night, meeting friends and eating tapas, Ive gone for a run in the park that divides the city more or less on the middle. Interestingly the park is called El rio the river) by locals as it used to have a river running all the way through it. Apparently the government decided to dry it out two decades ago as the city frequently got flooded during rainy seasons due to the river’s proximity to surrounding buildings and traffic. Although I never got a chance to see it I’d love the park to still have that river… Nevertheless El rio still gives Valencia that added wonderful nature element, as one can escape from traffic jams and skyscrapers and suck atmospheres like these up:




Then there are the beaches.

Just like in Barcelona, Valencia offers kilometers of sandy (and decently clean) beaches just a stone throw away from the vibrant city center and old town.


The harbor by the beach offers a variety of cafes, restaurants and night clubs, some of which got cool roof terraces to see the sunset from.


As my friend V loves kite surfing we also went to Oliva the other day, which is a beautiful beach south of Valencia where the wind can get strong enough for wind surfing and kiting.


And of course, let’s not forget the CITY itself!

Valencia has a long history…. dhsoghdlnl

and its old town is so pretty and msnjwhriofc




Then, there is the Aquarium that in fact seemed very good to me. Not that I investigated that much prior to entering, but it was a delightful experience to see how the place communicates its conservation and breeding work of endangered species.


Although I don’t know how happy these seals are living here as opposed in the free….


The next three pictures are from Altea, a small town in between Valencia and Alicante. This is where V grew up parts of his youth and where his folks currently live. It also happens to be invaded by Norwegians as its so close to other hot spots for Scandinavians and alike around here.

The beaches in the area around Altea are not like the ones of Valencia or Barcelona, but more like small stony coves (calas in Spanish) neatly inhabited by big rocks and green trees.  I think I prefer them actually.




Lastly and to be continued we spent a day with my friend Merete that happens to be just around the corner from Altea together with her boyfriend whose family has a vacation house here (the Norwegian invasion again).


We even went to a traditional bull fight like thing in Denia, something that certainly wasn’t the best thing to write home about. But I will write about it asap as it serves to point out what I mean is the dark sides of ‘Spanish culture’.

Also, we’ve obviously got some time for clubbing too, and apparently the club we went to, Barraca, is one of Spain’s old mythical night clubs that has been going on forever.


To be continued…

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