San Sebastian in my <3

– Como? he asked me with his eyebrows on top of his head when I admitted to not know much about his home town in the Northern region of Spain. – Haven’t you heard of pinchos? They’re much better than any tapa you’ve ever tasted.

– You’ve missed the best of Spain. The best of food. The best of the wild ocean and the wild eating in bars. Oh, and the surfing!

Off we went.


And sure thing. I admit my ignorance of what must be the top treasure of a country I state to love all the time. To be honest I haven’t seen much part from Barcelona and Costa Blanca, and well.. Granada (a city I die to get back to by the way).
In San Sebastian you basically go from bar to bar – all of which are filled with people and loud conversations, cigarette smoke and dirty napkins on the floor  – to eat delicious pinchos and drink cider brewed in the region. You do countless of these bar visits in between everything else you do when in San Sebastian that you quickly come to learn is of less importance than eating pinchos.

Of the less important things we did, we made sure to add plenty of

  • visits to the beach to watch surfers waiting patiently for their dream waves
  • strolls to the pier to watch the hundreds of fishermen and – wait for it – young athletic men in diver suits shell fishing from clips!
  • stops by galleries
  • stops by random so called shared male kitchens whenever there is a door open for you to peak in
  • churros and hot chocolate
  • hours together with the friends that were so kind to host us in their charming flat

So well, I thought I knew the food culture in Spain after having spent a lot of time in Barcelona, but saying that in San Sebastian is nearly like cursing in church.

Lucky me then for having met this guy with glittering eyes that takes me around his country and feeds me. I’m in love with it all.

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