Merry Christmas from South Africa!

Merry Christmas. God jul! Feliz Navidad!

Being North European during Christmas in a country like South Africa where they have full summer going on in December, feels both weird and nice. It’s fairly hot outside and you don’t see much X-mas decoration on the streets part from random parking security men in Santa Claus hats.


None of the people in my current travel crew are very traditional in the sense of going wild over X-mas, so we didn’t do anything in particular to celebrate it. Well, we did go for a delicious seafood dinner at a local fish restaurant we like a lot on Christmas Eve, though.

Without telling anyone I had brought some funny Norwegian presents for my new Spanish family and found a way during our dinner to pretend I was Santa suddenly coming through the window with a big “Ho, Ho, Ho”.


Later we got way beyond full thanks to an amazing cheese cake, and dad in law even lighted a cigar for the occasion.

Before heading home and to bed, we stopped by one of the local pubs nearby our guesthouse on the main strip in Blouberg, and there it was pumping with both a random cover song concert meanwhile lots of people watched American football from the five huge widescreens. Made me feel really far away from Norway for a moment, ugh…

Part from Christmas Eve, another cool thing that has happened is that we finally managed to go on a so-called Township tour. After a lot of thinking back and forth on that one, we decided to go on Christmas day, alone with a guide so kind to even take us, and man, that was one wonderful, yet weird experience!

I really need to think a little bit about it all before writing a piece. It´s definitely worth a piece though, so I recommend you don´t miss it.

Stay tuned.

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