I wish I wish I wish

Here is another list of dreams for you all. I already have a list of what artists/ bands I’d love to see if alive, but now I’ll write a more cheerful one.

As a dreamer and a LIVE music lover, I keep searching for the artists I love and admire and their gigs around. Among them are unfortunately still plenty I haven’t seen live, and to not bore you with a very long list, I keep this at 7 for now..

My top 7 list over artists/ bands I dream of seeing live asap:

1. Radiohead (or Thom Yorke solo)

2. Bonobo with band

3. Fleetwood Mac

4. Cinematic Orchestra

5. Moderat

6. Portishead

7. Jonsi

Recently I could fortunately line these over:

8. Depeche Mode

9. Antony & the Johnson

10. Tori Amos

11. Bjork

12. Madonna

13. Ingrid Olava


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