We’re moving to Ibiza

So, its official. Ill go to live in Ibiza with my one and only V. He got an exciting job, and Ill find one. Que viva el amor.

We spent some days there recently, and I just loved it. Looking for a house, we went to some small cafes and had tapas, we talked to people everywhere, met some friends of V and drove around. It is so pretty, and I am so excited to start a new adventure in life. I know the season hasn’t started yet and that the island probably will look totally different with 2 millions of tourists on it, but that’s also what fascinates me. To learn about tourism and its impacts in such a small place. And to get to know its history, people, more spanish and breath the electronic music industry every day.

Ive told my work Im quitting in order to become a raver. Right. That’s what THEY think. I guess lll have some work to do by promoting thus improving its reputation the way it deserves it. More coming up soon.

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