My name is Jeanett and I’m an Ibiza addict


It’s true what they say: There’s a new giraffe on Ibiza. Her name is Jeanett and she moved here out of love, craziness, impulses and due to her passion for Spanish culture and language.

I know, one could indeed argue that Ibiza isn’t necessary the place of Spanish territory that predominantly represents Spanish culture. No, no, no people say: this island has its own culture, and its unique. Moreover it’s not even Spanish as it belongs to Catalunya, so there you have it: Ibiza is first of all Catalan; locals speak the Ibizencan version of Catalan, which isn’t very similar to Spanish, and secondly Ibiza is international more than anything. You got Brittish, German and Italian expats wherever you go. Not to mention Argentinian ones. The latter have created their own small colonies even and as for people that recognize their Spanish accent you notice they are everywhere too. However, due to that and their style and behavior I’d argue they sort of count as Italians…

Then you have the tourists. They’re everywhere too. Heavily represented by the three first nations I mentioned, but also Dutchies, Russians, Sweeds, Danes, Arabs, Chinese, Latinos and yeah guess what: a few Norwegians! According to statistics, international arrivals in summer season are as high as 2 million. Whereas the island holds approximately 100.000 residents. Think about that for a while will ya.


Most of them seem to come to indulge themselves with the party scene, because no matter how much the government tries to develop a slow tourism scene here too, let’s be real: Ibiza is first and foremost globally famous for its party scene. And with party scene I refer to the nightclubs, beach clubs, dance music, massive DJ acts and raves. Then again, of course you can come here for other reasons too. That’s what I tell my grandmother at least.


As for my mum (on the above picture, taken the other day) she knows what it’s all about to enjoy herself on the beach surrounded by beer bottles. She used to go wild on Ibiza in her 20s herself, – in fact she even took me here when I was around 3 or so. I’m starting thinking that has affected me more than I was aware of until this stage. Because yes I really love it here. And not due to the party scene itself. That is a fun element for sure but I mean, how old are we?IMG_7595

Interestingly my teacher colleges back home that I left in that college I’ve worked the last two years, seemed to think I was crazy overall to actually plan moving here. For some reason they couldn’t stop imitating that they were raving with light sticks in their hands the last week before the holidays. Ok, so I laughed the first day, but then I just thought it’s incredible how ignorant people are towards this treasure of a place. A little later I thought it’s incredible what a reputation Ibiza has got in my home country. Because man. This place is a lot more than rave parties.

You also got spots like these:


Indeed I love Ibiza. So much that in only four weeks I already feel like I know it equally well as my own Facebook wall. And well, Ibiza is easy to get to know if you’re really interested in it. For instance it takes you 1,5 hour to drive around the whole island, about 1 hour to cross it and probably a good day on a bike (which is on my bucket list by the way). We’ve already started training:


And with regard to getting to know the party scene, I’m also incredibly lucky with the man I’ve chosen to move here with as he works (high up) in the music industry and has done that for quite some time. Not surprisingly then he seems to know everybody that is worth knowing, and that makes me getting to know most of them too. At least a lot of gorgeous go go dancers hanging out backstage.


The man in that crew was only interesting for one reason to be honest. These:


Actually I’ve been thinking I’ll soon start to post some articles that could turn out very valuable about the do’s and dont’s for specially interested Ibiza clubbers as I’ve already learned a couple of things. When I think about it it’s weird perhaps I’ve not got a culture shock yet, here I am surrounded by Spanish and English speaking music industry people, famous DJs and their girlfriends and desperate groopies in between days in the countrysides (LOVE them!) whose payases (old farmer folks from Ibiza) organise their gardens. Not to mention all the running into sexy East European nearly naked dancers at V’s job or the general noticing of how macho-like the club culture here is overall or the understanding of how common drugs are… What’s a lot lot worse: on occasions having to stand next to yelling and vomiting 18 year old Brits.

And I’ve not even started with the place I’m working myself, hahaha! You have no idea what I’m living through up there! It’s rather stunning in terms of anthropology of hedonism really, but I think it should remain a secret so far as the place has started to reveal itself as a complete circus, and I have to lean back and see what happens.

Nevertheless, I know I’ve got nothing to complain about at all. Honestly. I’m in love, both with my hardworking man, and this island. Also, I stay equally busy as him, just in a more hostess like manner as we got the brilliant idea some months ago to create an Excel sheet and tell friends and family to book their slots. This means we’ve had friends staying from the day I arrived, and we’re fully booked until October. True story!

I just had two of my best friends over which went completely wild the way it should.





Peace out.

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