What do you want to be when you grow up?

For a long time I’ve just been happy with “a good person”, but I’m not anymore. I need to be something more, I think. Specify myself and my skills. I am a lot, but what am I in the end? I once was a teacher, I even once was a receptionist, a student (oh love that), a sales person, journalist.. Volunteer. A house painter. If someone just paid me to study the rest of my life, Id go for that. Or if I had the bank full of money, Id just travel. And study how people travel. And talk to the people that live in the places where people travel. Id not lay that much at the beach. I could go fishing, with some cool guys teaching me the names of the fishes. Id find some hotels and ask them how they run their business. Id find out of whether human rights abuse is an issue or not, in the name of tourism..

Seriously Id love to work in the travel industry, in order to mean one more voice reminding people that the places they visit under the tag deserved holidays are someones homes. And they suddenly depend on you, -so be nice. The concept of holidays including the possibility to travel and explore and “live adventures” is the biggest luxury good we have.

We are very few having it so be aware of your privilege. I am, and Id love to see more people being so.

So, now – hold the press: I just got accepted to the Master in Responsible Tourism Management at Leeds!!

See how happy I am

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