Hospitality rules

This is the garden of our new house in Las Salinas, Ibiza. It’s been a month since we moved in and I love it already so much. And hey, you are more than welcome to visit us here, whenever you like.


Hospitality It’s one of the most crucial concepts for profound traveling and an essential quality held by the people I have dearest. I fall in love over and over when I see it in my man, I get reminded where I come from and what my values are when I see it in my mum, and I understand why my closest friends are closest when I see it in them.

Lately V and I have been very hospitable again. We just love that whole mi casa tu casa thing. We haven’t taken it as far as last summer when we created an Excel sheet and told friends to tick off the weeks they wanted to visit, but we still hold our doors open, and already welcomed whoever wants to come.

Perhaps we have hospitality as a key value in common due to not having grown up with siblings, as it seems like the two of us get very excited whenever there is people around. We just love eating breakfast with friends, family and random colleagues, hosting our visitors and showing them the island. It’s the best way to create good memories and develop old as well as new friendships.


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