The fish shack

Yesterday we went back to a small and relatively unknown (yet to tourists) fish restaurant popularly called the Fish shack, originally named El Chiringuito de Maria. It’s a small family business and the same people are always on duty.

We only came here twice last year actually which I find very odd now that I think of it. Anyway, I especially remember one night before Cocoon with the big DJ’s and their crew how I just loved the familiarity about it all. To them it’s perhaps also one of the few places they’re left alone.


The restaurant is literally a shack placed on a hillside by the sea, where you can take a swim while waiting for your food at daytime, and watch the sunset while eating, or the old town on the other side of the bay, at night time. It’s situated next door to another more upscale restaurant called Sa Punta on the edge of Talamanca, close to the center of Ibiza, and has for long been what you’d call a hidden treasure on the island.

Outside of the main dining area small quirky tables and plastic chairs are randomly set out on the rocks for romantic dates. The waiters will on occasion tell you to pee in the bushes cause there is no toilet today, mosquitoes eat you alive and you get served amazing fresh, simple & authentic fish and seafood dishes. They have one meat option which is a plate of lamb chops that people tell me is perfect.



The menu varies from day to day according to the catches of the day. My favorites tend to be the tuna and jumbo prawns. All plates cost the same and are served with a salad and some special homemade potatoes, served cold. Delicious!

This place is definitely one of my top 3 favorite restaurants on the island.


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