Last happening before leaving the island

Three weeks ago my love surprised me with my favorite cava rose for our two years anniversary, but we never had the time to pop it and enjoy as should..
Yesterday night, my last one in Ibiza in 5 weeks, after work, we rushed of with the already opened bottle and two glasses to see the sun set at Cap des Falco. Just started on the curvy part of the way to the view point, we had to accept that again we’d be watching the sun disappear behind the mountains from the car seats..
With the glasses filled with pink and the bottle between my legs it all still felt very romantic and very “us”.
As a good bye for this time, we shared our views on how important it can be to accept one and others mistakes or different manners to see things, and toasted to ourselves for how good we are at communication. 🙂

Later we tried the sushi at …. in Las Salinas- impressive!
Then back home to drunken pack.
Bye Bye Ibiza and my love


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