Recently I spent two days in Madrid due to the first official UNWTO ethical tourism conference, which you can read a summary from here

I love Madrid and madrileños, plus other Spanish people that gather in the city. I got to walk around for a few hours, and discovered again the beauty of the degree of old people occupying the streets. Chatting along, strolling with their dogs, smiling, drinking and dining on the plazas. They seem so social all the time, and in friendship with each other.

Then I came across this lady. She sat just as in the picture looking straight ahead. The fallen leafs on the ground flew around her in circles, her hair moved slightly. I don’t know why, I just loved her. And had to stop to go back to take her photograph (hiddenly).
This is one of my favorites.
And I call her Soledad although she might as well be a Felicidad.


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