Bye bye for now, Ibiza


Then it’s time to say goodbye to Ibiza again. The 2011 season is over and gosh I don’t even know how it happened. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Living life in contrasting periods like this makes life rather uh.. periodic and divided, but that’s me I guess. And I do like it. I don’t like the packing though, or the organisation of what clothes to take and what to leave behind with all the uncertainty in my life of whether Ill be back or not.. This wee question that goes on in my head like if ever…?

But hey, then I think that’s me too, isn’t it?

My whole adult life has been like this so I’m starting to think this is how I’ll live my life. And why not?

I’m thrilled to have started the Master course in Responsible Tourism so I have that to focus on this winter, compared to last year when I was broke and felt kinda lost on my way to London, despite of the internship I had in that NGO I’m still so passionate about. Yet, I can remember getting inspired by that uncertainty as well.

So who am I?

Well, I’m certainly found of Lebanese chicken.



Argh.. Leaving Ibiza feels hard right now. I just had my mum over and we’ve had so much fun. In fact she is going to London with me as she has her connection flight there between Spain and Norway. Big V has already left and perhaps that’s why it’s sadder leaving the island now than last year. This year is different in many ways as my man is not coming with me to London and we have no plan whatsoever of when to meet during this winter… Is that normal?

We’ll just meet whenever we are not traveling or staying in separate cities. I guess I see how I need to start focus on myself and make the best out of the Master’s program, and I’m very excited about the place Ill live this winter! Together with this cute little and seemingly amazing family in London that are so kind to even offer me a room in their house for whenever Ill be around.

These things inspire me and make me want to live like this forever, hah! No, that might be exaggerated, but you get the picture. That’s me isn’t it? Suddenly living in the attic of a cool family surrounded by other families, taking part of their everyday life, trying to imagine whenever Ill – if ever – will have a family on my own..

Back to Ibiza: This little island has definitely got a bigger and bigger place in my heart the more time I spend on it outside of the party season. Yes, I love the high season, but the island is completely different then. Which is also why many people (local and the ones working here over summer that year by year choose to stay longer and longer) love this island. Cause it’s so full of contrasts.

I will really miss the calm beaches of October and November…


Also, I haven’t told you how great of an experience Ibiza Energy week in October (EWI) was. To work with the founder of that project is truly inspirational and I believe it can grow big in the years to come. In fact, it is a very good week to go to see the island after the party season and at the same time get some extra tourists and events going on, this time focusing on health though. 😉

Besides, its often still nice and warm in October and not all beach lounges are closed.


Whenever I get my writing acts together I’ll publish more posts about Ibiza that can be helpful for travelers. And I’m very keen to investigate what, if any, there are of Responsible Tourism initiatives here.. The Gipsy Giraffe on Responsible partying, haha, BIIIIG topic coming up! But seriously, a greening of those monster clubs could be a damn good idea. I think the Ibiza clubbing industry has a huge potential to take a grip on that.

Well well.. What a summer this has been..  Ill miss our little house, not to mention the garden.



I’ll miss the smells of salt sea outside of my window and our little street that we share with all kinds of random people working in Amnesia. I’ll even miss the bloody dogs barking when jogging through the neighborhood.

And my mum: She will miss driving around in this treasure:


Peace & love, J.

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