Putting tourism to rights

“Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing services industries in the world. It has the potential to generate many jobs and create great wealth. However, all too often, tourism’s benefits are not equally shared. In fact, tourism development frequently violates people’s human rights, particularly poor and vulnerable communities in developing countries, exacerbating poverty and trapping people in cycles of deprivation” (Tourism Concern 2011)

Tourism Concern believes that human rights must be protected as a priority if tourism is to contribute meaningfully to eradicating poverty. Their Putting Tourism to Rights campaign is demanding an end to human rights abuses in tourism. The campaign group is calling on the UK Government and tourism industry to take steps to ensure that the rights of local people in tourism destinations are protected in line with international law.

Check out their webpage on these matters here. You can also download the report Putting tourism to rights from there.

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