Cape Town, we’ll be back

I just purchased the flight tickets to Cape Town. Madre mia, it’s going to happen! And I think even my love will come, -time together again!
We so need to do something together, him & I. I admit it’s difficult with all this distance,- especially when we have no set plans for when to meet next.. No common plans for X-mas, or for new years.. It’s rather comic – more than anything in our situation,- the little attention we give to these topics.. I really try to understand why we are so rubbish at that.. somehow we suck at finding good time to speak on skype etc when far away from each other, and it’s hard to have a balance in time when one is traveling, the other home studying.. I feel that we talk pretty well about this, however stupidly, due to the that very distance it’s also more difficult to consider these things when first talking. Its almost like everything seems to get more negative when on skype, cause the physical contact isn’t there. It’s easy to get emotionally overwhelmed and I guess, to misunderstand the other’s words or meaning of words..

Therefore, we have to take action and bring out a new project together, that hopefully takes us closer together. It is South Africa!
Travel, live and see how we really like the place. Truth is we loved this city when there two years ago, and finally we’ve got the possibility to stay another month (me even for 6 weeks).
I’ll do some in-field township tourism studies, and promise to tell about it here. For the module I’m working on now; Local economic development & poverty alleviation, it’s suitable to write about that concept too. Since I was in Cape Town the first time Ive been interested in the concept of Poverty/ Reality tourism, that township-, favela+ (in Brasil) and slum tourism often is tagged like. More about this coming up asap!

Here a photo from last time in Cape Town, at Boulder’s beach connecting with penguins.


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