Back in Cape Town

God, how time flies!!

Being back in Cape Town is just amazing. Valo, Gianni and I are sharing a super nice flat in Blouberg, and next week another friend of us is arriving from Spain.

This first week Ive been locked inside the apartment while the boys have surfed around outside (literally outside as we live on the beach this year!). I can even see them from the balcony.


Yes it takes some self-discipline to spend the days indoor when first here, somehow the city calls for me to come and travel in it, but I knew this was coming as I need to finish this bloody report before I can join the rest for some fun.

The report is for the Natural Resource and Environmental Management module and I’m writing about “greening the dance tourism” in Ibiza. Quite unique yes, but typically for my choices; quite a non-researched topic, which forces me to spend more time on arguing the rationale and finding relevant background info..

However, I learn hell of a lot and picture myself presenting this to the club owners in Ibiza in the future, cause damn right: there is so much they can do to save that beautiful island of ours for some energy as well as contributing to a more socially responsible party tourism sector. Amen!

Speaking of parties, deadline is in a few days, and I can’t wait to get wasted that day. Though, being here is NOT a holiday this time, cause after this assignment I’m moving straight to the next one for the module called Local Economic Development. Then I’ll write about township tourism, which also is a topic I’m considering for my Master’s degree final report that Ill start working on in July.. Yikes!

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but an important factor to decide going here for 6 weeks was that this way I’ll get to go on more township tours and get some valuable contacts, which is important to  find out whether this really interests me enough to research in depth for like three months..

Cool thing is that three tour companies have welcomed me to join them on tours for free or a discounted fee. I asked politely as paying 40 euros per tour quickly gets expensive if I want to go on many.


Right. Back to the report.

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