Party time – check!

After no sleep for 26 hours I managed to finish the report yesterday. A nap and I was back in track. Like I said, party time! All pumped surrounded by Spaniards – Maria has arrived, and today Edu (Imbernon), we did it the Spanish way.


Ruben (Lenten)  had invited us to his house (sorry, palace!) for a BBQ and some DJ sets.. And well, you mix 25% Spanish people with 15% South Africans, 40% Netherlands 16% random surfers from various countries + 4% Norwegians you think for yourself what kind of a party you get. Edu was quick to introduce everybody to ‘the crazy chicken’ (El pollo) he is touring with and from there we went.





Gianni, Ruben and Edu swapped turns at the decks and the rest of us enjoyed the pool and the terrace. Here catching up with Maria.



Hours later we found ourselves at Trinity from where I recall a blurry look of the bar, seeing Ruben walking on his hands down the stairs, Edu delivering a hell of a set that turned an empty dancefloor into a sweaty mush of happy people in which I jumped around with Maria that had a particular mojo with Dutch guys..

Arigato, Cape Town!

As if this wasn’t enough, as we speak we’re off to Johannesburg with Edu to keep him company at Truth, the mythical nightclub he has spoken so warmly about since his first gig there last year.

My crew at the airport, haha!


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