Occupy the dancefloor

this article from mixmag was just what I needed right now. BRAVO!

I especially like Van Dyk’s quote saying:

People, artists and movements can be hedonistic and free-spirited, but also speak out and make a statement of the fact that this is a more tolerant and respectful group than many others in society”.

And Tim Lawrence’:

“I just don’t accept that going out clubbing is self-absorbed. Sitting at home and looking in the mirror is self-absorbed. Going out with friends and engaging in a physical activity that only works if everyone participates and contributes is an act of socialising and community. If we stay at home and watch TV we’re saying one thing about the kind of society we want to be part of. If we go out dancing, we’re saying another thing. Dancing is political”.

+ Coldcuts comments +++.

Kudos to Mixmag!

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