Two years ago

my grandfather died.

He was the only male relative ever taking care of me during life, as I grew up with no father figure. Although my grandfather was an odd and very silent man, I felt his unconditional love and pride whatever I said or did.


Laying alone in his room in an elders’ home, a little less than one hour after we had left him sleeping profoundly in bed that night, he perished on February 10.  After the phone call that alarmed us about his last journey we went back to see him. He was still warm when we came there, and yes, like they say about dead people, he looked very peaceful. My mother was devastated she “lost that last hour with him”, as she had promised him to be there till the end, and I felt devastated to see her like that. We spent hours in his room, just watching him, touching him and saying goodbye.

The difference from then and a few hours earlier was the drawn shape his face now had taken, and the closed mouth. Also, when I took his hand in mine, he didn’t squeeze it hard like he used to that day. He suddenly looked smaller, and I must say, somehow very beautiful.

My uncle and aunt came early the next morning and took a couple of photos, that accidentally came out with the flash on. My mum still can’t forget the horror of that. My grandma came too and sat next to her husband of 61 years, all in tears, though she repeated how she knew that he finally was in peace now. And that they’ll soon meet. She held his hand and repeated his name, saying “Ja Ja, Gunnar”.. “Yes, yes (his name)”.
We wondered how sad she really was, used to see her hiding her emotions. I still think she got more peace too that day.

Now and then we talk about the watch incident, that I told about a year ago after his death (here), we will never forget how weird that was.
I’m still not a believer of ghosts, but I do believe strange things can happen.

Two years have gone since that day. Incredible. At that time, I lived in Oslo, in fact it was just before moving to another country for a man I was deeply in love with.  Since then strange things have happened.


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