A day in Yorkshire Dales

Studying tourism is awesome!

We get to travel to places to practically learn more about tourism, its development and economy, impact on communities, different issues that can occur and how to responsibly manage destinations.

Today the whole class with teachers went to Yorkshire Dales.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 23.29.12

Click on map to make bigger

It’s a cute little village in Northern England surrounded by valleys. There we walked around in the quiet streets of town, had a lesson in a restaurant while eating scones and drinking tea, and went for a hike in the nature area designated Yorkshire Dales National Park, that covers 1,770 square kilometres.

As my camera battery went flat, I only got a few shots from town.


Beautiful right? A perfect spot to go for a tranquil romantic holiday while in Northern England, or on your way to Scotland or the Lake District. Also suitable for a hiking day as the village is in the middle of the enormous National Park.

Ah, and we counted 8 out of 10 elders wherever we went (yup, it’s one of these ‘old’ towns where young people leave to move into urban areas). Thus, Yorkshire Dales is also great for people interested in relaxing in a place (slow tourism) where plenty of retired people take their time sipping at a tea.

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