Countdown to Apparat LIVE

Seems like more and more good things are coming out of my sudden change of living plans for the next month.. One of them is that Ill FINALLY be able to see one of my favorite bands live. And that in my own home town!

When I discovered the group Moderat a few years ago I instantly rated it one of my top favorite bands. Cool thing is that through that discovery I also discovered Apparat. That is because Moderat is a group put together by Apparat and Modeselektor. As much as I knew Modeselektor a long time ago and do like them, it can’t compare to the two others. I’ve dreamed of seeing both for long (mentioned here.), and now I got a frikkin’ ticket!

Here are two songs I adore… Makes me just want to drive far far away.. Which I soon am 😉

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