Heart-ache escape

Ive decided to go to Poland and meet my friend Ross that I presented to you in the last post. He is an artist and will go to Auschwitz to develop an art project that he has had in mind for a year. As Ive never been there, but always wanted to go I cant think of a better opportunity. Also due to my own current life changing circumstances.


Not only do I get time to spend with Ross (a long time close friend that due to traveling and a mutual lack of priority of each over somehow I haven’t spent much time with over the last years), and learn more about his life events (that I’m sure are hilarious and truly inspirational) over the last years.  I also get the opportunity to visit one of the world’s darkest places that I know will generate a lot of emotions in me, together with a person I think can stand long conversations as well as the needed silence. Besides I find his project very touching and interesting.

My mum got a little worried when I again, only after one week at home said Ill hit the road again, am escaping everything I’m coping with currently. I gave it a serious thought at concluded that really, I cant think of a better place to go when I’m heartbroken.

credentials: vimeo.com


So yeah. Auschwitz must be such a place where you really understand your misery is meaningless. Besides, the module I’m undertaking at the moment is about the meaning of Heritage and Culture in tourism, hence the place should be rewarding in that respect too. As long as I manage to feel a stronger life and love motivation again and have a neat place to sit and work, I think the outcomes will be extraordinary.

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