Weekend in Warsaw

It is so good to be spending some time with Marysia again, my Polish friend from the time we lived together in Barcelona in 2004/05. She has her own little flat in Warsaw now which is occupied by herself and a massive lazy cat.


We hadn’t seen each other, other then over the screens, in a years time so after my arrival we went straight to an Italian place to catch up over some pasta and wine.

Before going to Poland I found out that the Norwegian promising producer and DJ Todd Terje (check his soundcloud here) that I havent seen playing in years as not only him -but myself too- are always out traveling somewhere, was going to play at Klub 55 the same Saturday I arrived. Upon a request I sent him through Facebook he put us on the guestlist. KUDOS to nice Terje! Before going to the party we met a bunch of friends of Marysia and her boyfriend Krzysiek, in town.


Later on in Klub 55 the crowd went crazy with Todd Terje and him with them


After 10 vodka cranberries Krzysiek and some friends dragged me along to an afterparty in which one of the coolest DJs Ive seen in time, Eltron John (soundcloud here) was playing. The Poles told me crazy stories about Eltron John’s old time performances ala nude DJing etc, and could reveal that he is going to this year’s Sonar festival as one of the Redbull Music academy artists. Yeay!

Today we are just chilling out, I woke up covered in cat hair obviously which is not good for the allergy. Have read some more about Auschwitz and chatted briefly to Ross, my friend there who is already installed. Starting to get slightly exited for the train ride tomorrow. I LOVE train traveling.

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