A day on the Spree river

Berlin, you little pearl!

In you I could definitely like to live. Also these days of tropical summer really looks goon on you!

Today Ross and I decided to take his little dengue boat down to the Spree river. We transported it in a supermarket trolley and inflated it by the riverside. Random, but then again everything with Ross gets random. With cold beers and a small stereo we’d got in a Turkish shop before departure we hit the river and drifted away with the stream. From a bridge close by we picked up some friends that already were jamming along to the old reggae tunes surrounding the approaching dengue.

Observing Berlin from the river is not like observing it from a bike seat. As if painted on canvas white swans are elegantly drifting around in beautiful contrast to the graffiti-painted river walls. The empty bottles floating on the water surface somehow manage to not look wrong to any of us or the lazy people spread out on the green grass behind. Brightly colored flowers stand high along the riverside as if they’re the peasants in a game of chess protecting their Queen (the arty riverside bars) and King (the tall grey industrial buildings) from invasions from the river.

What  an  unforgettable  L O V E L Y   D A Y !

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