Sonar 2012

Querida Barcelona

This spring I thought a lot of whether Id go to Barcelona during the Sonar festival (mid June) or not.. As a Sonar fan, and festival lover in general -and especially when they’re in Spain-, I found out I missed that very special Spanish atmosphere a lot after not going back to Ibiza this year (life changing quick).

I also thought to go only to the ‘Off Sonar’ events as they are increasing in numbers and enhancing in quality; offering fantastic artists and good vibe parties around the city at the exact same days as Official Sonar.

However, I’m now indeed happy I did get the Sonar pass in the end, that enabled me to see that many various and amazing gigs over 3 days. SO first: Thanks to some very kind sources I have in the (spanish) music industry! I was lucky enough to enjoy DJ gigs and concerts of artists like Eltron John, that I actually saw in Warsaw in April and loved by the way. Here is a photo of him while playing for full house Thursday. Heard some shit crazy stories about his nude gigs in Poland back in the days. Can totally imagine that! His energy and style, haha, blew people out of the Redbull tent!

Amazing polish dj guy

Thursday was also Richie Hawtin’s little free gig in La Boqueria, a fruit market just next to the Sonar fest. Think its the second year he does that, gets VERY crowded and rather crazy as he is like THE super DJ of today. Look at how people try to capture him. I think there are like 100 videos of the gig already on youtube too.

Richie Hawtin played at Sonar Night Friday too, however that’s a total different thing than this gig in the fruit market. Friday I saw John Talabot (below picture) which Id say was the most MIND BLOWING HIGHLIGHT for me this year!  A little bit like when I saw Kid Koala last year, or Flying Lotus on Sonar night two years ago. Since then Flying Lotus is like Sonar’s best friend or something, they had 3 gigs this year! Still good though.

Talabot’s first gig at Sonar.

Also liked a UK girl called Nightwave, she plaid for a full Redbull MA tent. Then Friday night (however WAY too early and set up at almost the same time (shame on you Sonar!)) I got to see small parts of Nicholas Jaar and Amon Tobin. My two “big sees” this year. Simian Mobile disco fun too! Coyu and UNER finished Saturday, although I cant say I remember much from those hours.. 😛 Luckily I made it to Nicolas Jaar’s other project on Saturday, called Darkside. In the sun with some sangria and friends, think I prefer those moments before some of the Sonar Night spaces.

Right. Other cool stuff was DJ Harvey on Saturday and later that night Hot Chip and Die Antword, Julio Bashmore, Deadmau5, Luciano… This last pic shows a peak moment backstage at Luciano. The crowd went ballistic no matter what the guy put on.

Now Im sitting here with a little downer thinking that after all festivals I end up regretting having missed a bunch..

Pero, sera la proxima!!

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