Catching up with friends

Slowly recovering after yet another awesome time in Barcelona, the city that knows how to keep you going.. The Sonar festival had one of the best line-ups in years although I didn’t get to see half of what I wanted, as normal. All the OFF Sonar events (that I started thinking really overdid themselves themselves. I mean, is there really that many people out there to fill up all these different parties every day..?

Experience showed that yes there is – and other times that there is not – but when there is, it does definitely give the increasingly commercialised – and official – Sonar festival a rather potent competition! The Minus party in Boo on Sunday was mental. Way too crowded as the “secret” venue was fairly small, and Richie and co are fairly big. However I loved seeing some known faces again and got some good laughs hanging with a group of people that had been partying solidly for like three days. At least it serves to put things on the farm (at home) in perspective. (Search for farm in my search field and you’ll see what it’s about).


Now back in a Norwegian friend’s flat that is situated literally next to Sagrada Familia. Passed by there today, and got stunned like always by its immense beauty, but also by what a tourist machine it is! The queue of people covers the whole building and goes over the street into a freaking park.


When walking around the streets of this city, over-touristy or not, I cant help but dreaming about living in Barcelona again. Or Spain for that sake.

It’s just something with the cozy street restaurants and bars with tapas in all colors, nice waiters chatting to you over a beer, and locals gathering with friends spending time outdoor, which naturally contrasts a little bit with what is even possible to do many months of the year in my own city.. Besides, Ive always had this special passion for narrow streets, clothes hanging outside the balconies of the blocks in Born, and love Spanish architecture, food, language and culture in general.

Here is what I had at a bar on the corner tonight. Octapus! My favorite is actually the smaller octapus in its own ink Sepia en su tinta, but this is not the most common thing they have in any random bar.



So, as I don’t want to leave this Spanish atmosphere that I adore yet, I’ve decided it is the perfect time to go see one of the Spanish Canary islands I still haven’t been to: Gran Canaria, where two good friends of mine have been living for nearly a year. They’re working for the Norwegian Sailor church, on an assignment to mainly be in charge of the children and young people using the place as a center for Norwegians living on the island.

Because, if you weren’t aware of it; Gran Canaria holds one of the biggest Norwegian communities outside of Norway. In fact, many of the kids my friends work with have lived there for years, while others come to do a year as part of their secondary school for instance.

My friends have absolutely loved being this year abroad, and I can’t wait to hear all their stories, see how they live, see Hilde’s belly (she is 5 months pregnant), chat all night on their porch with a sea view, eat tapas with them, speak Spanish and laugh a lot.

After the past year I just miss to be around close Norwegian friends I haven’t seen for a while, in this case people that also have a certain happiness affect on me.. And these two are of the kind that makes one see how much beauty there is in love and compassion. They are a truly special team, with a unique admiration of each other.


Check out their very own blog by the way!

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