Saying goodbye

We ended up going back to Norway on the same day in the end.

I tried my best not to be in the way for my friends the last days as they had a lot to arrange before departure after a year in Gran Can. Good thing I have my studies going on, and OMG I cant wait to be done with the last assignments before the final research project now. More traveling!

My friends have been funny to observe the last couple of days as their emotions are pretty outside of their bodies in this situation of having to say goodbye to this place and their life here. They are so content with the great experience of being abroad and getting to know a  bunch of new, wonderful people. As pregnant the lovely Hilde is naturally a little hormonal and gets a little extra emotional in this situation. Her ability to show all specters of emotions though, and communicate it all so well, is truly one of the things I love by her. And today, jeeezz.. we got to share some moments. Really makes me smile now, but in the moment it almost broke my heart as I feel so much for her. Sometimes I think that some kind of people have this ability to get more of your empathy out.. Its interesting, really. With Hilde it’s like you just feel you see her so well. And indeed, that you get seen too.


After cleaning out the last bits of the flat this morning, making sure all was set, she was struggling so hard to be controlled, and shared her thoughts about how hard she found it to be in this situation of saying goodbye to all her colleagues, and how its been so beautifully overwhelming with all the users of the Sailor church that has come to say goodbye, some even crying, many bringing home knitted presents for the baby and telling them how amazing it has been to have them here. As we were waiting for one of the managers (that they’ve become very close with) to come and take us to the airport, Hilde suddenly burst into tears over all the suitcases and said ” I CANT DEAL WITH THIS”. Her past days thoughts and emotions over “this awesome year being over, a new period about to start, back in (a wee bit colder) Norway), and how goodbyes can be so hard and make you so down, just escalated.

I stood close so I hugged her and talked calmly.. while her husband instantly came over and hugged her too. For a long time. Observing their beautiful compassion again made me feel so warm inside. I LOVE THESE people! Then we laughed a little, drank some water and concluded its all normal to get emotional in this situation. Lets just cry for a while! Its good.

Later on we found ourselves at the airport among 35 suitcases and bags, and the line for check in to Norway flights was mental. We sat down and ate brown cheese and dry bread (knekkebrod, type WASA). Random. Baby was kicking and on her way to her first visit to what will always be her home country.


Now I’m waiting for my delayed flight to take me home to Norway. It has been some hectic weeks and various feelings drag me in so many directions. Can’t wait to get some relaxing time to think back home. While waiting I chose to sit in the sun outside. As the airport is placed on the East of the island which is the wind side, you hardly feel that its like 35 degrees outside. Cause the wind. Well, its like in Cape Town. My ears might fall of. I took a photo, that a friend just told me was a Duck face photo. Touche! I was actually called Donald Duck already at Primary school, so I think its pretty authentic at least.

Hear me.


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