Back to the farm

To get back to the farm yesterday took my breath away.

I’m realising how Ive neglected the beauty of this place so often, as Ive been so used to it. Isn’t it weird how we all have that in common? I often try to think about that, in whatever context. See it, feel it, touch it, speak about it. Find inspirations even in the most ‘normal surroundings’. I always preach that to people in relationships. Taking each other for granted is the biggest mistake we do. We never know when its gone, and one day we might look back with some regret of not having given all, not having felt it all, observed it all, and lived it all or acted.


So, that’s what is happening to me more and more, I guess. I come back to this place, and the smell slaps me in the face in the moment I get off the bus. Sometimes I almost start crying, but out of joy. Even joy for being able to FEEL these things. Its a mix of feelings of the thrill of being close to my mum, the beauty of how meaningful a job like the one we have here is, the excitement of seeing the students again after yet another journey, having them sharing their lives with me with such an honesty and openness. It’s even the small things like the cute rabbits getting all cuddly and excited when I pass them saying hello.


After years of more traveling than standing still, I constantly see new things in my own country, in my own life ‘back home’. Its so empowering. For quite long I’ve felt rather lost and with many concerns about my future, love and what direction to take.. Then I come here and I’m like BRING IT ON!

Peaceful, idyllic, little Trogstad gård, just BE the way you are, you make me feel so good.

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