Don’t panic. It’s organic.

Part from offering substance addicts rehabilitation and therapy, the ecological farm -where my mum works and Ive had a summer job for two years – demands that the “students” work from the day they arrive. Until 8 students and 7 employees work together every day from 8- 16 (part from the weekends where 1 student is in charge of the animals), and are divided in two groups, the kitchen and the outdoor group. Who works where rotate from month to month to make sure everybody get practice in all tasks.

Translated from Norwegian, the cornerstone of the Collective (its called a collective due to the vision of a commuity of people living together) is Equality in work, responsibility and economy. An important principle for the collective is self sufficiency to both provide economical empowerment and empowerment of the students that learn a whole lot of agronomy and construction work. The ideology of meaningful community work and consequent enforcement of drug prohibition have been basic since the collective’s commence.

The overall aim to be an organic self sufficient farm is reached by nearly 70 % as our own animals provide us with eggs, meet and wool. In the garden we grow several types of vegetables and fruits. Products like milk and cheese, coffee and tea, and on occasions meet, as well as ingredients to make bread and desserts are bought in weekly.

Right now its berry season and this week we have picked over 40 kilos of strawberries. Delicious strawberry jam to be made asap. And – its all organic!


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