Boom. Back in Ibiza


What the heck happened?

Love. I hope. At least faith.

No matter what, it feels wonderful just being here. First round I’m here for only ten days before I’ll head off to freaking Scotland and a wedding in which all men wear kilts with nothing under! That’s obviously piece of cake for someone like myself, and sure, Ibiza is the right place to be to warm up. Nothing is weird or too crazy on this island, and that’s one of the reasons why I love it so much here.

Anyway, there will be very little party time for this sack, at the moment I’m busy with studies and a last deadline before I only have to focus on my upcoming research project (look a lot forward to that). And I must say it’s pretty wicked to have spots like these as your study room now and then:


Of course there are some social things up in between, and honestly I just wanted to update about that itself. That – by coming back here in my social sense – I understand how much I love Ibiza. And Spain. Indeed, I love catching up with friends and I love the spirit most people have here.

Some of the hugs I got meeting my V’s friends (I thought I wasn’t going to see in a long time) were longer, harder and more genuine than the ones people give you in Norway. It just makes me feel good. Spain is alive. Si señor.

Also, when I went jogging to Es Cavallet, next to our house in Salinas the other day – one of the most beautiful beaches here, I got that well-known feeling of no other place – kinda feeling.


To be continued I guess. ❤

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