Top 7 feelgood restaurants in Ibiza

Finally I’ve managed to list my top 7 restaurants in Ibiza for you to discover. I’ve selected places that are all unique to one another, yet that all have that special Ibizencan international touch: A mixed clientele of locals, foreigners living here, tourists (with good taste), music industry professionals, fashionistas and families with children.

Bare in mind that the information listed could be subject of change, so please don’t hold me responsible if a place suddenly doesn’t exist or is closed when they’re not supposed to. Most places have their own webpage, and I’ve provided you with their telephone numbers (part from the first listed).

Enjoy the tastes of the White island!


Starting with the obvious: The Fish Shack (Talamanca).

I love this place so much I dedicated a whole post to it last year. Its real name is actually El chiringuito de Maria, but as it´s become increasingly known among foreigners, people now know it as the Fish shack. Definitely a spot you won’t read about everywhere, which makes it more special.

The contrast between the actual restaurant (a shack) and its plastic chairs and tables that look as if they’re thrown out on the rocks in the morning, stands in perfect contrast to where it’s all located: right on the rocky beach.


As you see, it’s clever to bring your swimming suit so that you can take a dip in the water while waiting for your food. A visit to the Fish shack is a perfect break from the hectic high season, and the staff at this place are my absolute favorite on the island – as is the clientele, I think. It’s also a hotspot for A-list DJs and Ibiza frequenters, so you’ll be in good company.

The Fish shack serves some of the finest – if not the finest – fish around. The waiters speak English very well and are prepared to tell you what the Dorada and Gambas actually are. I find it impossible choosing a favorite, besides what they offer depends of the catch of the day. Try the sea bass! Don’t leave without having dessert and a café de caleta (coffee w/ species & cinnamon). And make sure you don’t ruin your appetite with the olives to start. NB! Bring cash, they don’t accept credit cards.

Open day & night. No reservatoins. Address: Unknown, but this will help: Head for the restaurant Sa Punta in Talamanca, and when you reach it, keep going. Over rocks, by the sea. Park you car on top of (or walk your last bit over) the hill when it seems like you can’t get further and soon you will see the umbrella canopy. A simple shack looking like a chiringuito (beach bar) on the rocks.

Then there is La Paloma (San Lorenzo).

Dive into this huge green garden of fluffy lemon trees and thousands of flowers, where basic fresh & healthy Italian homemade food is in focus.


This family run establishment is definitely one of my favorite spots both for lunch and dinner, and a perfect place for a romantic date. La Paloma is also known to be one of the best in veggie food on the island. Try their imported olives from Italy, they’re insane!

Open day & night (and winter). Reservations recommended. Address: Camí de Can Llatzer, Sant Joan de Labritja. (0034-971-325543)

Number 3 on the list is one of the restaurants I’ve been to the most. Sansara (San Carlos).

Featuring a large green garden and an indoor stage, it feels more like a chill hangout lounge than a restaurant, thus attracts an alternative, bohemian crowd who bring their children and dogs to the restaurant’s large garden, and offers a refreshing alternative to the dj-worshipping events in Ibiza by being a platform for up and coming bands.

Photo cred:

The varied musical genres include flamenco, blues, reggae, rock, salsa and world music. The fusion kitchen finds inspiration from the Mediterranean and South East Asia. The fig pizza is my definite favorite and the cava sangria isn’t bad at all. 😉  Here you’ll get loads of value for the money! Open nights only. Closed Tue. (Closed Mon-Wed in winter). Reservations recommended for weekends. Address: Carretera de San Carlos km. 9,3, Ibiza (+34 971-807-231)

Balafia (San Joan).

Although I’m not a meat lover, this place manages to convince me time and again. Besides, their chickens have lived happy lives on local farms in the area! The restaurant is probably one of Ibizencans’ all time favorites, and no wonder as this is as Ibizencan as it can get. Balafia is an open air restaurant situated in a patio belonging to a typical white Ibizencan house with small wooden framed windows and basic seating. It’s known solely for its simple barbeque dishes that come with three varieties of vegetables.

They offer free-range chicken, lamb chops and steak with the delicious chips, supposedly hand-peeled by the grandfather! The tomato (and onion) salad for starter is a must, and trust me; these tomatos are something special! NB! Bring cash, they don’t accept credit cards. Open days and nights (closed Sundays). Reservations highly recommended! Adress: Sant Joan de Labritja Road 25 , San Joan (+34 971 32 50 19) Some help: map it on a GPS before going, and look for a small pink sign on a path that takes you off the main road.

A place Ive only been once, but instantly loved is Hidden bar (Cala San Vicente).

Located in Cala San Vicente, 30 minutes’ drive North from Ibiza Town – and as its name underlines – this gem of a restaurant is one of Ibiza’s best kept secrets. If you haven’t been to the wilder Nordic part of the island yet, this bar is your perfect excuse to go.

It’s like something from a movie; the pathway from the parking lot leads you from the road down into a secret garden with creative hiding spots and chill out areas that transport you from the Mediterranean island to a Victorian library to a Thai jungle. It’s set in a lush magical garden of delights, a fantasy spot where ‘Alice in Wonderland’ would feel right at home. You can sit under century old trees or go about playing. The place has a giant chess board and a golf field whose each hole is designed by artists and DJ’s. Hah!


Id say Hidden bar is a playground for the imagination and whether you are an actual kid or just one between the ears, you will have an amazing day here. Oh, and the owner is an award winning cocktail mixer and loves to have a chat with his clients, while you’re waiting for a delicious Thai-based dish. I haven’t actually eaten here myself (just chugged some of them famous cocktail), but I’ve read plenty of good reviews. Open daily (?) (One day per week in winter). Address: 5 Carrer Cala Sant Vicent, Sant Joan de Labritja (+34 971 320 253)

And then my ladies and gents, the one and only El Amante (Santa Eulalia).

Almost hanging on a cliff overlooking the Sol D’en Serra bay, this hot spot is surrounded by dramatic rocks and wild green plants. Such a special location towards Amante’s stylish decor suits a special day you want to treat yourself and your loved ones. It’s a perfect spot to plan a hangout day at the beach beneath the restaurant with fancy cocktails before you walk up the stairs to have a late lunch. Or it’s a good option for a late dinner in the evening breeze overlooking one of the island’s most precious views.

Photo cred:

Amante offers an innovative rather pricy Mediterranean menu, but it feels like good value and holds a lot of local and healthy options of seafood and greens. Try their risotto if it’s still on the menu! Open daily day & night. (Frequently closed for private events). Reservations recommended for weekends. Adress: Sol Den Serra Carrer Fuera SN, St Eulalia (+34 971 196176). Some help: Go right through Cala Llonga and turn right at the end junction (there is an Amante sign post). Follow the road for about 900 meters and you arrive to the car park. You can’t miss the sign and the steps down to the restaurant.

The Giri cafe (San Juan).

When in plaza San Juan, I’ve always loved the looks of this place. It’s entrance somehow seems to say Hello & welcome darling every time I pass it. Don’t be fooled by the sign stating it´s a café, because this kitchen’s quality exceeds all expectations! I’ve eaten here twice and both times understood that the chef has a deep passion for every detail on a plate. It’s all about the simplicity of organic, fresh and local flavours that come straight from the soil, sea or fields of Ibiza – today.

As much as the Giri cafe is great at fusing Mediterranean flavours into innovative dishes, they’re equally good at blending original Ibizencan architecture with creative illumination and exotic design. I also think this is one of my faves what design concerns, and I’m never able to pick whether to sit inside or outside as both look so inviting. Open day & night daily (Mon only night). Address: in the centre of the main square in the San Juan village.


That’s all, folks. Que aproveche!

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