Another mad event in Ibiza


There was some fuzz about a Redbull event called El dia de las alas (The day of the wings) when I came back to Ibiza this summer. The event was taking place in the port of Eivissa and over 20 particpants has signed up and paid a great deal of money to join. The thing was to gather a devoted crew and make a creative structure that could fly when being pushed off a 8 meter high platform above water.

My friends were among the participants and I got to take part in their planning for it to be perfect, and hopefully for them to win the flying contest and get a ticket to Brazil. The day started with rehearsals in our house which was nothing but hilarious.


Rehearsal at our house. Don’t ask.

The discussions over who should enter first, who should raise their hand at what moment and how to smile reminded me of the time I worked in a kinder garden as a teenager, before the kids where to present their annual Christmas-show for their proud parents.

I didn’t actually know what to expect for the party, and as I had a lot of studies to do I decided to catch up with the guys in the harbor of Ibiza town a little bit later. Arriving there this was part of what was waiting for me. A group of .. well, groupies.


Needless to say several DJ friends were already pumping it at our stand, and (super) Sonia famous for her work at Space, had constructed a beautiful bar with Spanish traditional food. Sun was shining and people were too, many of which had specially designed Redbull t-shirts on for the occasion.

The whole event was a lot bigger than I had imagined it would be, not to mention what the crew I was a forced family supporter of had constructed for the purpose of the competition. A fly constructed as a bull by proper engineers belonging to the team measured over 2,5 meter and stood there in the middle of the crazy pre-party.

At least we got proven that Ibiza people too indeed does love their bulls and ladies in señorita dresses, men dressed like bull fighters as long as its accompanied by good electronic music.


Exclusively hired go-go dancers for the event. Of course.

The race itself took place far away from our stand, and to see it properly one needed to be out on the sea. Luckily, someone suddenly knew someone with a big private cruise boat to which the supporters could embark and get close to the jump to see the competition.

My friends’ team didn’t make it to the top, in fact I think the bull didn’t even fly a meer. I regret not having photos of that, but I do have some other highlights up my sleeve though. All in all another hilarious day in Ibiza with ma craaazy people.


Big V getting ready





Dani and lovely Shirin


Isra was in charge of filling people up with Hierbas


The dress got way too warm


Sonia teaching me some Spanish flamenco dancing style

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