ADE 2012

Of course I managed to get some Amsterdam out of the way this year too. Very impulsively I purchased my ticket back to Norway with a connection in Amsterdam this Friday. Not only to connect on my way back from Ibiza, but to meet Valo and Sonia there during the annual ADE, Amsterdam Dance Event. I was at the ADE last year too (wrote about it here), which was my first time in Amsterdam, and the other day after failing the bloody theory exam A G A I N, being all alone in Ibiza, I though WHY the heck NOT?


Like always, the party program is tight when at ADE. I didn’t participate at any workshop obviously, but let it be clear I got to do some dance tourism. Upon arrival Friday night I took the train together with a bunch of other tall people (those Dutches!) and went with my big suitcase straight to the Enter party where Richie Hawtin played and all the Minus and typical Berlin crowd was hanging out. When I arrived it was raining, Valo’s phone was out of battery and Sonia’s had been stolen. The security men in the door had no clue who I was and I had no clue which one of the 170 parties in that specific building I was going to. With my hair soaking I kept calling V as I figured he had put the phone to charge and soon had to remember that girl of his being on the way any minute. But you know what they say, time can fly when you’re having fun. So I did a rain dance.

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Finally, after googling some close-by hotels as well as getting some new friends that thought I was the coolest dealer in town, bluntly appearing with a massive black suitcase to the party, Mr. V rang and managed to find me at the door.

Inside the party was beyond humid and the known Berlin crowd literally hanging. They had been going on for days! It took me about five sweaty super hugs, two shots and 17 minutes to get in the social mood as everybody. Someone presented me to the guy that apparently made the Detroit techno tee I wore, and I loved to see some of the old known Ibiza faces in another city.

Later I went to the beginning of Richie’s Enter show from the perspective of the crowd and felt like going absolutely bananas with them for a while. Somehow I just couldn’t. That stupid exam had taken most of my happy energy for that day. I did reflect though, over how often I now wish I could be back in time, till the time before not knowing anything about the backstage life that absorbs you into all kinds of absurd talks.

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photo cred:

Anyway, one can say a lot about backstage parties (and Ive said a lot) and yes they can be great fun. Still I was thinking this night how much funner it is to be out on the floor. Then again, Sonia, that poor thing lost her phone while bouncing around out there, and Ive seen it often in Ibiza too. People are loosing a lot in those crowds. Everything from their virginity to wigs, a shoe, a girlfriend, their minds and plenty of cigarette packs.

The next night we went to _____ to see Edu Imbernon play, and then it was time to hook up with the kiter crew aka Ruben, Jobs and Sophie. All dutch, and all good at party. This night the stage (thus also backstage) was 15 meters up in the air, way above the jumping crowd, and I couldn’t stop thinking how I’d love to be an insect on the wall during the meeting some geniuses must have decided to create that thing. Sick. From the floor one could hardly see Edu’s scalp, and that guy is over 1,90 tall. Random. Didn’t seem to distract people from dancing however, the sound system was good and the spirit too.

Today we woke up muertos, like we say in Spanish. Valo and I had slept on an inflammable mattress that wasn’t inflammable any longer when we woke up, and Edu had a sore back after hours on the sofa. All to save the over-priced hotel prices during ADE.

The host hooked us up with some amazing croissants for breakfast though, and even dragged an Nespresso machine out of cabinet. Sorted!

Then Valo went on more meetings and I strolled the streets of Amsterdam, dreaming of living here one day…





Now I’m back home in Norway, which isn’t bad at all part from the fact that I’ll hardly see my friends this time as I’m off in another two weeks to return to freaking Cape Town!! Such an exciting year, such a fulfilling event coming up. I can’t believe I’m going to hang out in the townships daily, finally.


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