Greetings from Cape Town

Being back in Cape Town is lovely.

The city is booming in green, the smiles on people’s faces are much bigger than I remembered, and I feel happier and more excited than ever due to having started my actual Master’s research in the field. Also, the feeling of knowing that V and I (he arrived a week after me, yeay) will stay in the same place for another 4 months or so is enough to do a back flip somersault!

Summer is here, wind as fresh and wild as always and our little neighbourhood Green Point very convenient to live in. Here are two pics from our cute studio flat in Green Point from which we can see over to Robben island and the stadium that was built for the 2010 World Cup.


We’ve investigated what cafes around have good wifi and food (read: good for office work), and have already had plenty long-hour days in two places. Summer is definitely knocking on the door, and though we don’t have much free time at the moment, we get to enjoy some nature too.

Good thing for me being busy here, is that no matter what, V is even busier. Hah! He already flies from one meeting to another to establish good contacts and knowledge about the electronic music sector, related to his to be launched charity Bridges for Music. Ill write more about it when it takes more shape.

What I can say is that the initiative really is an extraordinary idea, and that we both are super excited to see how it gets received here. I also love seeing V so inspired and active, and learn a lot about the South African music scene (also in townships) through his ongoing work.

Isn’t it cool how our professional paths have gathered this way after all this time? Makes me sooo happy to think about.


If we’ve loved Cape Town the two times we’ve been before, I think we love it even more now, and with this adventurous time of being able to fulfill our current professional dreams we’ve started fantasizing about to live here 4,5 months each winter. I really think that could add something to this random lifestyle of ours.

Ah yes, its Christmas soon! And V’s parents are coming. But you know what, Ive never felt further away from Christmas than this year. Ill be indoor hammering on the Mac keyboard. Bbfff..

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