Research report delivered!


The two last weeks have been what we call a tight birth in Norwegian. But yes: The other day I finally managed to hand in my bloody Master’s research report. The feeling when I pushed ‘send’ was indescribably beautiful. Now I just walk around with the leftovers of dark rings under my eyes singing Sing Hallelujah!

True story.

Looking back I see how I’ve been through all the typical phases, from huge interest, new inspiration and writing desire to joyful intense organisation of sections and chapters, to cramps in every finger and mad frustration and the feeling of giving up.

Of course I bit over way too much with my research! I always do that. I complicate things yet on the inside see them so clearly and know what I want to get out of it, but then.. while writing and trying to organise I understand that THIS Jeanett, this was a bit too ambitious!

After collecting all the data and gathering the crucial information I suddenly felt so overloaded and unsure of what to focus most on, that at a point I could no longer see the light in the end of the tunnel…

Thanks to the world’s best proof reader I finally nailed it and felt confident it was okay in the end. Bbbfff, I cant express how glad I am now that it’s over.

My mum is here and finally I can enjoy life with her here in freaking Cape Town. I’ve slept, eaten well, had lots of wine (we’re in Stellenbosch) and have drastically gone down on the intake of snus!

Life is beautiful again.


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