Today I touched a giraffe!

Today, after some intense days ‘on tour’ we decided to go to the famous  Lions park in Pretoria, just outside of Johannesburg. As much as it is an eco-tourism destination – neither a game reserve or a Zoo, but rather a breeding ground and sanctuary for important species – that focuses on the well-being and regeneration of the various species, in particular the endangered Wild Dog, the rare White Lion and Cheetah, and this in itself deserves a long post about the much needed role such a park has in the fucked up world we are living in where people kill endangered species, I’m much more excited right now about the fact that they had GIRAFFES there!

And plenty!

And tame!

How fabulous.

When we thought we were going to see lions, THIS lady was in fact the first to welcome us upon arrival:


That doesn’t mean we didn’t get to see lions, cause we did. And plenty too, including adorable and naughty cubs (one of them bit me in the tit – true story, and one to be told). But on our way between the safari lion sightseeing we bumped into this gorgeous and peaceful (aren’t they all?) giraffe and as the pictures can tell: Yes, we instantly bonded the way creatures of the same specie do.

First I could not believe her..


Then I got a bit closer and presented my self by showing the length of my neck the way giraffes do.

Then we posted together for the photographer, working hard on getting her face in the picture too. Sooo tall!


Then she allowed me to touch her skin and we stood like this for a good while.


I completely forgot about the lions around and only desired to get to know this mysterious graceful lady.

Don’t worry however. A post about the lions and the tit bit will come.

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