Bridges for Music feat. Skrillex

Straight from the five days in Mozambique we went to Cape Town where Skrillex and his crew had arrived to start their South Africa mothership tour. Valo got confirmed two weeks ago that Skrillex was keen to join a Bridges for Music workshop during his short time in Cape Town, and we were obviously super excited to meet the guys.

We thought it will be difficult to overdo the experience after having Richie and the crew here, but really – the days with these guys were as hilarious! Touring alongside Skrillex were 12th Planet and Alvin Risk, two other Bass music artists that have know Sonny (Skrillex) for a long time. We met them directly in Langa February 28th for the Bridges for Music workshop.

Check it out:

The workshop was a success and afterwards we went to one of our favorite city restaurants in Green Point, El Burro. Delicious and cheap Mexican food and mojitos. Some tequila shots later we ended up at the tiny club Fiction where South African bass DJ Niskerone was playing. Suddenly Skrillex was at the decks and you can only imagine how the crowd went.

I’ve been on quite a bit of backstage- and after parties in my life and seen DJs and groupies and all that, but seriously: I have NEVER EVER seen the girls behave the way they did this night. Haha, Sonia and I felt like two old aunts, there with no motives of getting laid, sitting with our mouths open observing this circus. In fact we felt a bit sorry for Sonny surrounded by crazy groupies and tried to “help out”.. Yeah we know, he is grownup and knows what he does.

The following day we invited the crew to go with us to Jumpstart DJ school in Khayelitsha. Chill as they are and despite of jet lags and their upcoming gig in the Osterich farm that night, they all came.

To our surprise the students had prepared some Bass music sets for the superstar’s arrival and my, oh my.. What a party it turned into!

It was all so completely random and real, and equally unique for the students as these international artists traveling the world surrounded in whatever luxury they ask for (not that they are, I’m just saying they can). The below pics are from the Jumpstart DJ school in the middle of Khayelitsha where we were bouncing for hours to the students and “mentors” DJ sets.


IMG_1492 IMG_1488 IMG_1493 IMG_1497


From there it all went upwards, – literally – as V and I got invited to join the guys for a helicopter ride (that in my case nearly ended with a suicide) around the Cape.

Stay tuned!


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