Puking for Music

If you haven’t read about it in the tabloid press yet:

I’m the girl that went on a 45 minutes helicopter ride with Skrillex and 12th Planet and puked the mother freaking machine down!


Nice to meet you.

All the way in the back of the aircraft, in the stinking smell of diesel, I buckled up with John (12th Planet) to my left ad big V to my right. The very bad idea that I somehow initially thought was a good idea, started like this:

High on music and life and full of township love (check #townshiplove on Twitter) after two amazing days with Skrillex (read here about Skrillex and crew’s contribution to Bridges for Music), I got so carried away when they invited V and me to join them on a helicopter ride. It’s difficult to even remember now, perhaps the trauma has deleted it from my brain… I don’t know.. I really don’t know what the heck I was thinking!

I, in a helicopter? I can get motion sick from a hand shake!

I’ve always had that defect; On boats, in carousels, in cars as a child and sometimes  even on flights.

Them: Do you want to come with us for a helicopter tour around the cape point?

Me: Sure! 

A voice in my head: Hello?

This part was lovely though.




Me: Wow, so many cool aircrafts! I’m such a fan of this, let’s do it! What a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We’re young, wild and crazy! Vamoooos!

A voice in my head: Well Jeanett, if you believe so.. maybe this is that one miraculous day of your life when you won’t get motion sick from something that will twist, tilt and turn you around in 200 MPH while vibrating, stinking of diesel and making loud noise.

Off we went.

Up and down, sideways and up again.

Everyone was applauding, laughing and cheering.

Part from me. With me it only went DOWN. Badly.

4 minutes later, desperate to find something to let go of my stomach in, V handed me his hoodie. After puking solidly for 30 minutes, the hoodie wasn’t resistant enough. It started dripping and I felt my inner thighs getting wetter and wetter. But at that stage I didn’t care anymore, I was busy surviving.

The two men on each side of me must have felt endlessly helpless (part from disgusted). As I don’t know John very well I can’t blame him for not being able to say much, also he told me afterwards he had a hard time keeping in shape himself. I can only recall him staring out the window, for now and then giving me a comforting look in between my screams.

The man to my right however, tried to help by holding my hair while petting me carefully.

Now and then he even attempted to drag my attention from my lap and out the windows.

V: Look baby. The penguins on Boulder’s beach!

Me: Bboooaaaaa!!

Every time I raised my head I got dizzier. I didn’t even manage to start hating the fact that I missed the chance to see the most spectacular view of the Cape landscape this way. I solely focused on how to best distort my body and soul and prayed every minute that the heaven would just open up and have me.


Sure thing. The whole event has gone into the list of my Top 3 traumas. Just by writing about it I feel sick.

The five clearest memories I have though are one looking out the window – seeing the colorful houses in Muizenberg before heading towards the penguins at Boulder’s beach (with all respect – I missed them), puking my guts out thinking I was going to die, time and again spotting the glittery waves in the ocean, seeing a group of birds take off mutually from the mountains in Cape Point, and thinking of how deeply I appreciated having V by my side that really tried his best to help me.

If anything good came out of it at all, it must be the feeling of bonding on another level with him.


How the trip ended?

When we landed I had to be dragged outside and to be honest I can’t even remember the moment. The crew of eight had by then understood they had a sick giraffe on board, but obviously didn’t know the serious mess I was in. After a while laying over the seats by the door, I pulled myself together, straightened my wet hair and t-shirt and fell out of the helicopter. There I kissed the ground before I continued puking on every available corner.

Which made the crew’s laughter and video filming of the whole thing take a quick end…

First five hours later, just before the main event for Skrillex’s mothership tour in the Ostrich farm, I could start smiling again (I even puked on the way there to V’s astonishment of me actually wanting to join in such a state!)

I insisted because I had a feeling that something magical would come out of the day – and I was right – the event turned out to be completely mindblowing with the kids from the townships playing back to back with Skrill backstage.




  1. Marianne

    WOW!! What a trip and what an experience.. I’m laughing and suffering with you, while reading this. I know I’d be puking right next to you, if I was there! I also been suffering from all kind of motion illness since a kiddo. Puking before the boat even left land and so on.. Maybe I should take this as a big advise and stay away from any helicopter rides in the future, or maybe just gotta try hoho. Glad to hear the evening had a great end in store for you, sweetheart 😉 And that the whole experience was good for something. At least bonding on a deeper level with V. And hey, you survived!! 🙂 Live life and have fun!

    • Jeanett Andrea

      Hehe, Marianne I’m sorry to hear you puke that easily too. It really sucks! My advice is you don’t go on a helicopter ride, it’s like a crazy roller coaster. Then again, I never tried doing so with one of those anti- motion sickness pills. Thanks for commenting, beauty. 🙂

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