Neverending summer


It hasn’t actually been the plan to escape winter like this for two years in a row, but now that I am, I’m not complaining. Though I did wish – a couple of weeks before heading home from South Africa– to get a few Norwegian winter days for skiing and to wear huge winter coats.

Then it took me 20 minutes of Toten (where my mum lives on a farm) with its crispy aired early morning and late nights to get reminded how nice it is when spring is around the corner. It really makes people happier too (even more so in Nordic countries), and who doesn’t prefer times in which people smile more.

So. After a very nice, long South African summer, I’m now already preparing for an European summer.  And to me that always means FESTIVALS.



This year I think Ill top my personal record with the number of festivals Ill attend. Part from the three Ive already attended in Cape Town (read here), these are the festivals Ill go to:




Oya festivalen

Burning man

Yeah I know, brag brag, but WOOP WOOP

Read more here about why I love festivals.


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