Nothing like grannies


After nearly 6 months away I was very excited to spend some time with my grandma again. Today I took her this picture which she agreed on having posted “on the data thing”.

Ive missed her quite a bit as Ive known she has lived though some big changes the last year, from living alone, getting ill, being in hospital and getting moved around between retirement homes. She is going strong despite of more recent illness and the unfortunate events of being a throw ball in the system as we say in Norwegian. She is definitely also more happy in company with others, as it was obvious she felt more and more lonely with time living at home in her flat.

Now it finally seems that she has a permanent place til the end of her day, and her room is covered in pictures and paintings she likes. People at the same retirement home seem friendly and awake, although she told me she is not friend-friend with the other four people in the section she lives.

My grandma is funny with regard to friendships though, and has never been good at making or taking care of friends in general. She says that she “had enough with her husband and four kids” and anyway that she long before meeting my grandpa “used to go dancing with her cousins”.

Last year we got it confirmed she doesn’t really want new friends as one of the ladies with whom she lived in a former retirement home (that she seemingly got very well along with) had started to send her letters and even “was rude enough to give her a phone call” after granny was moved to another home. Personally I thought how beautiful it is that ladies in their 80’s want to stay in touch like that, but apparently that was not how this lady took it. We asked her why this annoyed her and she said she talked too much.

Hah, did we know it! There is only room for one big talker in this woman’s room.

Love her to bits though.


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