Brilliant photos from Afrikaburn 2013

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 15.32.43

The photographer Mads Nørgaard is a guy Ive talked about before on this blog. I found him over a year ago, while browsing the world wide web for pictures and texts about townships in South Africa. Mads himself is Danish, but lives in Cape Town where he has got married.

He does documentary, portraits and commercial stuff, and I think my favorite are the docs. The black and white series Bus Terminus that I wrote about some months ago, especially. They are so simple in a way, yet say so much. His perspectives continuously surprise and I admire the way he gets close to people and shoots them without them seeming to bother or be aware at all.

Today he posted his photos from Afrika Burn 2013 (take a look), and well, I see now that just like Valo and I talked about in April “we should have staid some more weeks in Cape Town to attend on that”.

Afrika Burn that takes place each May in the middle of South Africa is a mini version of the very popular Burning man that takes place each August in desserts of the US.

YES! That’s the madness we want.

Mads also has a Facebook page

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